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Gustavo Loureiro dos Reis

Team Leader

Featured Full Team of Growth Marketing Experts

Gustavo Loureiro dos Reis

Growth Marketing Director

Gustavo is a seasoned growth marketer with experience in the education, gaming, health, and travel sectors. Gustavo’s expertise extends to designing and optimizing sales funnels, landing pages, effective ads, and CRM. Finally, Gustavo has consistently demonstrated a user-centered approach to his work, enabling him to successfully navigate from solopreneurs to large enterprises.

Previously at

Publicis Group

Growth Marketing Experience

12+ Years

Anna Yelkina-Damman

Growth Strategist

Anna is a well-rounded marketing expert. She has launched commercially successful products and has specialized in brand management and marketing communications for the last six years, including managing more than $40 million in traditional and digital brand campaigns for a Fortune 500 company and digital marketing campaigns for a small startup. Anna’s ability to be a hands-on team member in a cross-functional environment has prepared her to be a valuable addition to any organization.

Previously at


Growth Marketing Experience

20+ Years

Fernando D'Annunzio

SEO Expert

Fernando is experienced in performance marketing, search engine marketing, and paid media. He has worked in e-commerce and for B2B and B2C companies like Ledgen Group, the NBA and NHL, Caterpillar, Lending Tree, regional banks, and cybersecurity firms, managing monthly budgets of up to $1 million. Fernando is also a quick learner and leverages AI for digital media. He has deep knowledge of SEO and local SEO, effectively conducting audits, content planning, and on-page optimization.

Previously at


Growth Marketing Experience

12+ Years



Growth Marketing Services

Our suite of growth marketing services provides comprehensive and tailored coverage for your every business need.

Growth Strategy

Identify target segments, plot customer journeys, plan cross-channel go-to-market approaches, and do more with Toptal’s comprehensive and revenue-centric growth strategy and execution.

Channel Strategy & Growth Hacking

Pinpoint and optimize your highest-performance marketing channels. Toptal talent can design targeted, data-driven programs to elicit specific audience behaviors.


Boost your SEO rank with top strategies executed by Toptal’s Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services.

Customer Retention Strategies

Reduce churn, enhance customer loyalty, and sustain long-term engagement with Toptal expertise. Our marketers gather user feedback, create personalized communications, implement rewards programs, and more.

A/B Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization

Maximize your conversion potential and boost your revenue growth. Our marketing experts leverage deep analytics to fine-tune your campaigns and user journeys for optimal performance.

Marketing Automation

Boost efficiency and engagement with streamlined marketing processes. Get Toptal expertise in implementing automation tools for paid media and email campaigns.


Growth Marketing Solutions That Deliver Value

From services to team augmentation—Toptal has the right model for your business and project needs.

How Toptal’s Advisory and Consulting Works

Partner with our team to receive full advisory and consulting services to outline clear solutions for solving your business and technology challenges.


Define a Problem

A leader from our team will work with you to understand your goals and assess your business challenges.

Design an Approach

We’ll develop the best approach to achieve your goals and solve your business challenges.

Deliver a Solution

We’ll deliver a clear solution and consult on how to best execute and implement your tailored solution.


How to Partner With Toptal for Your Growth Marketing Needs

Toptal matches you directly with global marketing leaders from our network in hours—not weeks or months.


Talk to a Growth Marketing Lead

A leader from our team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

Get the Perfect Solution

From full end-to-end delivery to team augmentation, choose the best model for your business and project needs.

The Right Fit, Every Time

Work with Toptal’s Growth Marketing team on a trial basis (pay only if satisfied), ensuring that your needs are ultimately met.

Maximize your business performance with Toptal’s Growth Marketing services

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Arkapravo Chakraborty
Verified Expert in Product Management

Arkapravo is a senior product manager with more than a decade of experience. With a background in software engineering and an MBA, he has helped develop and launch global products at Fortune 500 companies, including BT (British Telecom) and Accenture.

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Jeff Gangemi

’s Growth Marketing Practice Lead

Jeff is dedicated to helping clients of all sizes build transformational growth strategies that directly impact revenue. With a background in digital growth consulting with Accenture, Jeff brings expertise across demand generation strategies, content, campaigns, lead and funnel management, operating model design, cost optimization, martech and data, and digital transformation.
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Maximize your business performance with Toptal’s Growth Marketing services

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